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Three Inner Monologues...

Farhad or The Secret of Being

Written by Nilo Cruz

Directed by Andy Señor Jr.

A fifteen-year-old girl on the outskirts of Kabul who disguises herself as a boy to blend in a world where being a man is almost as being divine. 

The Journey of the Shadow

Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

A story for children and for those adults who take delight in the remnants of innocence. This magical tale takes us through the journey of Marcelo Miguel, an eight-year-old boy who decides to write a letter to his father, a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. 


Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

In the ruins of a village in Afghanistan, Lolo, a wounded and deserted American soldier lingers on, and as he waits to be rescued he recalls his life as an actor by giving form to his ghostly fellow players on the stage of his imagination and solitude.