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2018: Zarzuela de dos orillas


2018: Neva


2018: Los cuentos de Canterbury


2017: Luna Decembrina


2017: Sotto Voce


2017: Canciones para soñar


2017: Eurydice


2017: Baño de luna


2017: El cuento de René


2016: Lorca en un Vestido Verde


2016: Tío Vania


2016: Monologues: The Journey of the shadow, Melisma, Farhad or the secret of being


2015: El Color del Deseo


2015: Tsunami


2015: Belleza del Padre


2014: Hurricane


2014: The Trojan Women


2014: Sotto Voce


2013: Hortensia y el museo

           de sueños


2011: A $2.50 la cuba libre (rep)


2011: The poster is a tree


2011: La retirada de Moscú


2010: Talco


2009: Chamaco


2009: El cuento de René


2007: Witches in Little Havana


2006: A $2.50 la cuba libre


2005: Las brujitas del Downtown


2004: Qué somos


2003: Latin-American plays


2003: Allá afuera hay fresco


2002: Sueño americano


2002: Chambelona


2001: The witch of the year


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Canciones para soñar

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SEPTIEMBRE 2017  •  MDCA - On.Stage Blackbox

Eurídice es una obra de Sarah Ruhl (2003) que vuelve a contar el mito de Orfeo desde la perspectiva de Eurídice, su esposa. La historia se centra en la decisión de Eurídice de regresar a la tierra con Orfeo o permanecer en el inframundo con su padre (un personaje creado por Ruhl).








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AGOSTO 2017  •  MDCA - On.Stage Blackbox

Escrita y dirigida por Nilo Cruz

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The Color of Desire captures the last moments of an island on the brink of change. Set in 1961, Cuba, at the beginning of the revolution, where a dashing American businessman hires a young Cuban actress to play a role unlike any she's ever had: the woman he loved and lost. This play is vibrant exploration of the lost love affair between America and Cuba.

Escrita y Dirigida por Nilo Cruz

November 2015

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Directed By NILO CRUZ

South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center


March 11, 2011 was one of the most horrific days in Japan's history. The triple disaster of the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant all happened on the same day. The disaster killed 15,891 people, left 2,584 people missing, and over 200,000 people lost their homes.


My mother was born and raised in Iwate prefecture, one of the most devastated areas by the disaster. During my childhood, I spent many summers and New Year celebrations in Iwate.

In May, 2012, one year after the disaster, Nilo Cruz and I traveled to Tohoku with the support of the University of Miami Provost Research grant. During the trip, we saw devastating damage particularly in Ozuchi where the town center was completely destroyed by the tsunami. The town lost its mayor along with 1,300 victims. Now with a new mayor, Ozuchi is struggling to rebuild and move forward. We were profoundly moved by the people of Ozuchi, who were working tirelessly to rebuild the town: pure, fragile, old-soul, but also very strong.

Nilo and I interviewed over 20 people in the Ozuchi area.  All interviews were audio-recorded; portions were video-recorded. Those interviews have been transcribed and translated into English. Tsunami is written with voices of actual victims of the Tohoku Great Disaster. Every word of the play is what each person actually said to us during interviews.

Michiko Kitayama Skinner

Belleza del Padre

Escrita y Dirigida por Nilo Cruz

Julio-Agosto 2015

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BELLEZA DEL PADRE, de Nilo Cruz, tiene lugar en la costa española de Andalucía, donde vive Emiliano, un pintor que recibe, de improviso, la visita de su hija Marina, a la que prácticamente no conoce. Está también Karim, un joven inmigrante de Marruecos que anhela una vida mejor, junto a la familia que nunca tuvo. Padre e hija se enamoran de él, abriéndo una atrevida ventana de imposibles pasiones, por la que se asoma Paquita, especie de ama de llaves y amante ocasional de Emiliano, el padre. Paquita guarda, a su vez, todos los secretos de la casa. Y mientras ocurren estas trampas de la vida, un quinto personaje, Federico García Lorca, hace su aparición.



Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

Oct - Nov 2014

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A severe tropical storm displaces the soul of a man and the lives of his family when Forrest Hunter, a catholic missionary, living in a Caribbean island suffers an accident that leaves him injured not only physically but also mentally with a case of amnesia. Will his wife Ria and his adopted son Aparicio help him recover his memory so he can lead a normal life?  Or is his past unreachable and unattainable?  The answer is revealed through an unexpected sacrifice, a path of redemption, which turns out to be a celebration of humility, generosity and kindness.  Hurricane is an uplifting allegory that soars beyond the limits of existence to the immense power of human will and the rediscovery and reconstruction of life.




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The Trojan Women

Directed by Larry Villanueva

Based on the work by Sartre

October 2014

Commodore Plaza



This adaptation by Jean Paul Sartre is also an adaptation by Euripide's original play.

The tragedy  "Trojan Women" follows the destiny of the women of Troy after the 10 year war that killed their husbands and family members, and the Trojans who still live are to be taken as slaves to bad masters. These women mourn and fear what will happen to them, they think of the worst yet try to defend themselves and protect their home, Troy.

Not only does this tragedy express the pain and grief of Ancient Greek times, but it also portrays all the grieving and fear of the wars that are happening in the world as you are reading this now.


Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

March 2014

MDCA - On.Stage Blackbox



A Jewish-Cuban young man sets out to recover memories of the S.S. St. Louis, which in 1939, left Nazi Germany for Cuba filled with Jewish refugees but was turned back by Cuba, the U.S. and Canada. He seeks out a prominent, elderly, German-born woman novelist who, in her youth, loved a Jewish man who was a passenger to Cuba on the ship. In this play of obsession and despair, Cruz lures three characters into a sea of darkness so they can find a unity of souls through their relationship with history and literature.



Quotes from press:


Sotto Voce es una exquisita, meticulosa y lírica puesta en escena en la que la mano queda extendida para el adiós, en este convulso mundo de permisos de entradas y salidas.•

Revista Viernes - El Nuevo Herald - Mayra Marrero


The poetry of Cruz’s writing is what those who love his work cite most often about his style, and Sotto Voce has that. Yet it also contains passages that are realistic, whimsical, sensual and heartbreaking. Cruz may be that rarity, a poet of the stage, but he is first and foremost a dramatist.

Miami Herald - Chirstine Dolen




Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

Presented at MDCA - On.Stage Blackbox



Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams tells the story of a brother and a sister, whose lives were forever altered when their mother put them on a Pedro Pan humanitarian flight from Havana to the United States in 1961. Torn from their nests and dispatched to a "neverland", Luciana and Luca became asylum seekers of the soul.  If they had lost their innocence too early in life, they find refuge in each other and become more than brother and sister, more than mother and father when they transgress the limits of their bodies, and push open the gates of a dark love, which allows them to become citizens of their own hearts.  Now years later, they return to their native land during the Pope's visit to Cuba and they take on their own path, as they search for recollections and healing.

Quotes from press:


The image of a brother and a sister in search for the childhood that was withheld from their lives becomes a metaphor of the displaced émigré.  The play is infused with the sort of tragic comedy and lyricism rooted in reality and quotidian life.


"Like Tennessee Williams, Cruz is not afraid of sexuality, exploring some of its more disruptive aspects."   -The Miami New Times


"Cruz explores all kinds of loss in Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams: lost childhood, lost freedom, lost innocence.  Yet he infuses Hortensia with joy, with desire, with humor and hope and healing."  -The Miami Herald



A 2,50 la cuba libre

Written by Ibrahim Guerra

Directed by Mauricio Rentería

Presented at “Hoy como Ayer”



A $2.50 the Cuba Libre is one of the more intelligent and bold experiments of the Venezuelan performing arts of the last three decades, which consists in recreate a bar within a theatrical space and display, to about 150 people, a night of shock with five “mesoneras” whose nicknames identify their characters: Caimana (Woman Cayman), Enrollada (Tangled), Sabrosona (Yummi), Huevona (Soppy), and Blanca . Damsels that catch the viewers to make them part of their respective worlds and allow them to experience a night full of shortcomings, miseries, desires, dreams, loves and misunderstandings.


The Poster is a Tree

Written and Directed by Larry Villanueva

Presented at Abanico Theater



The poster is a tree is an invention in the form of parable, an excuse to think in these tough times, a theatrical composition comprising morals, metaphors and thoughts that lead to reflection staged by the students of The School Arts and Minds.


La Retirada de Moscu

Written by William Nicholson

Directed by Rolando Moreno

Presented at MDCA - On.Stage Blackbox



This three-time Tony Award nominated play hones in a couple that has been married for over thirty years. When their son comes home for a weekend visit, his father makes an announcement that rips through the family like an emotional hurricane, leaving his son and wife to salvage the wreckage. This surprisingly hilarious, touching drama is ultimately a lesson in love, marriage and family.


Written by Abel González Melo

Directed by Alberto Sarraín

Presented at Teatro Abanico



The play tells the story of four characters, conveniently located in the crumbling movie theater El Mégano: Javi, better known as El Ruso (because he was born in Kazakhstan), is the Manager and projectionist of the room. Her friend Mashenka Dura, a middle-aged transvestite, is the usherette and soul of El Megano. The run-on batches are filled with men who take advantage of the accessible place for a quick sexual relief. Compulsive masturbators, double-life homosexuals, dubbed (pingueros), are accommodated in the darkness of the room and give free rein to their instincts as a Tarantino or Kieslowski film is projected on the screen. But the movie theater El Mégano is much more. It is also a center of operations for the sale of drugs and prostitution with foreigners.


The play begins when Zuleidy, a young prostitute from Guantanamo, seeks to exit poverty and stays illegally in Havana. She has swallowed a capsule of cocaine when she tried to hide it under her tongue and Javi wants to retrieve the capsule at all costs, because he needs it to complete the order from a buyer who is coming. Efforts to obtain the drug will become a real ordeal to Zuleidy.




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Adaptation by Larry Villanueva and Alexa Kuve

Directed by Larry Villanueva

Presented at Miami Dade College-Wolfson Campus



Three little witches fly from the sky, in their respective brooms, and perch on the roof of a building in Downtown Miami. They begin to get ready for “The Dear Witch of the year contest.” The children in the audience will get to choose the winner. In a colorful and entertaining story, our funny witches sing, dance and practice their charms and spells interacting with the kids sitting in the playground. They also tell a story about self-respect and ultimate love.


El cuento de René

Las brujitas

del downtown


Alla afuera hay fresco

Written and Directed by Larry Villanueva

Presented at the Latin Quarter Cultural Center



Allá afuera hay fresco (A breath of air) is a download in an Act, an exhibition of emotions, a scenario where players use their characters as  masks to catharsis. This play is born of relationships that people usually call love. Sexual codependency is a constant in this play. It is the impulse to tie the conflicts. The vicious circle is a dead-end to which some humans are exposed. In this context, combining the subtle and the obvious, Vicky and Rey are born, one character with two heads tied around the waist.


A short film written and directed by Larry Villanueva



A man trapped in his sexual fantasies enters a world of dreams that will rapidly become his most vivid and tragic reality. Is he really dreaming or awakening? Who is that woman laying next to him? Where does the fantasy ends and live becomes surreal? The sweetness and bitterness of his true desires will unveil.

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